A new approach to therapy and counselling

My aim is to offer something a little different within the world of counselling and psychotherapy. I passionately believe that therapy can change and improve lives, but I'm also enthusiastic and optimistic in my approach. Therapy should be about making even better what you already have, not just fixing what is broken. On this site, you'll find videos, articles and information about my work and areas of interest. If you like what you see, feel free to get in touch to book in for therapy or enquire about my training availability. Alternatively, feel free to follow me via the social media links above. 

It is really important that you find the right therapist / trainer for you. I could also use thousands of words to persuade you why seeking therapy could be the best decision you can make. But instead I'll use a picture to tell a thousand words. If this picture speaks to you, then I could be just the man for you!


Monthly Musical Motivator

Inspiration to change can come from the strangest of places, but common to many is music. Every month, I nominate an inspirational song and invite you to listen, watch, enjoy and be inspired to book in and start making change happen.

JANUARY 2020: The Strokes 'Wake Up Boo!'



Stephen is founder and therapeutic consult at this exciting and innovative company that combines psychotherapy and martial arts training to help people find their inner warrior. Visit the website to book your place at an upcoming training event!


Diving Into Therapy

This is what it can feel like before you take the plunge and book therapy. Check out the testimonials of those who have already made the leap, then come dive in and start making change. 


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