No More Rock-Bottoms

December 13, 2016

‘Rock-bottom’ is a concept often referenced in the world of addictive behaviours and behavioural change. People refer to a particularly negative incident or period just prior to making change as their ‘rock-bottom’ and use it as the driving factor in moving onward and upward. Any prompt to make changes for the better can be a great thing. However, is it really necessary to go through a negative experience to get to it?

Addiction is often a story of loss. Nobody starts indulging in a substance or behaviour with the ambition of becoming addicted. Slowly however, the fun stops and the dependency grows, and simultaneously things start to disappear - self-esteem, friends, family, work, etc. The more a person loses the more reason there is to escape via an addictive substance or behaviour, so stopping gets incrementally that bit harder to achieve.

Consequently, it makes perfect sense that the earlier we decide to change, the easier it is to make happen. With family, friends and employment still in place, there is a much easier and quicker turnaround in terms of therapeutic input and real and lasting change.

So no more ‘rock bottoms’ or war stories of incremental loss and negativity. We all know when things are becoming a problem, and if we seek help preventatively and proactively we can make change happen before loss rears its ugly head; it’s that easy as that. If you’re in any doubt, take a look at some of our testimonials and start making change today.

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