Training Testimonials

2020 (Newest First)

"As a psychotherapist, working with addictions can be a dark and sombre place. Stephen's exciting and fun approach to working with addictions and delivering training certainly renewed my energy and I shall return to work with new tools and techniques to add to my toolkit." Addictions Psychotherapist, Bristol.

"We asked Stephen to come in and deliver training to teams of professionals within our workforce who are particularly exposed to the risk of vicarious traumatisation. Stephen's fun and enthusiastic manner paired with a clear passion for the topic helped to make a potentially difficult training topic vital and fascinating." Crown Prosecution Service

Before you take the plunge and get in touch, it can be really useful to read the words of others who have gone before you. Hopefully, they can give you an idea of how i work and reassure you that starting therapy could be the best decision you make.

2020 (Newest First)

"Turning up the first time wasn’t easy and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as we started talking I felt a lot more relaxed straight away. The sessions were more laid back than I expected. Stephen has a matter-of-fact approach that actually helps you see things from a different angle.
The sessions helped immediately by making me feel better in the short term. In the long term, Stephen helped me see life in a different way and showed me that so much is down to how I think and what I do. Just having someone to listen to you without judgement in itself makes a huge difference. I would sometimes feel the weight coming off my shoulders as we spoke. I would honestly recommend it to everyone. The way our lives are these days, I think a few sessions would benefit everybody."

"I had no idea what therapy would be like and I felt quite apprehensive before my first session, but that feeling instantly went away as soon as the session started. Stephen was extremely easy to get on with and I found myself looking forward to the sessions - something I didn’t think I would ever think about therapy! Stephen makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk in the room. Stephen gave me useful advise and tips that I have been able to absorb and use in my day to day life. He has given me a new way of looking at certain aspects of my life and I find myself referring back to our discussions during therapy to help me through challenging situations. The sessions with Stephen have changed my approach to dealing with difficult situations, I have taken on board and will always refer to our discussions during therapy. The sessions have made me an overall happier person and have helped me overcome and manage difficult situations that I have been experiencing all of my life. I would absolutely recommend therapy to others. I had no idea if therapy would even help me at all, but I had nowhere else to turn and saw it as a ‘last resort’. Therapy should never be seen as a last resort as it has enabled me to really focus on my mental health and well-being. Therapy has encouraged me to take on new challenges, in work and my personal life - I couldn’t recommend it enough!"

"I met Stephen through an Employee Assistance Programme at my place of work. I saw depression as a weakness, trying to ‘stay strong’ and deal with my problems without burdening anyone else.  It had taken a very long time for me to ask anyone for help and I was very sceptical about ‘opening up’ to someone.  I find it difficult to talk about myself and initially felt very uncomfortable with the idea of talking through my problems with a stranger. If only someone had told me about the sense of power and control I would gain from therapy! I had expected an old man in a suit, making notes whilst I lie on a couch (very cliché) but I could not have been more wrong. Stephen is very friendly and relaxed whilst remaining professional and I felt at ease very quickly. I found that, in many ways, talking to someone I didn’t know was far easier and more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. There was no judgment at any point and he helped me to find answers that were inside me all along. I have never felt stronger since I took the brave step of seeking help, yet I know that Stephen is there for me if I should go through a difficult time again. In short, Stephen is my hero!"

"I expected really that I will tell what's wrong and then Stephen will ask couple of questions and give some ideas. The difference I found was huge! Stephen is an amazing listener but prompt you to think of the answers by giving you knowledge, tips, huge amount of optimistic thinking or scenarios that at the end work for you better and more sufficient. The difference is the tools he uses to come with solutions and homework tasks so you can practice what you have learnt and think about the problem. Stephen has natural ability to put you at ease and start thinking positively about yourself. The therapy was the best step I could have taken to resolve my issues and give me confidence and trust that things are improving and will improve. I've learnt how to tackle problems not just react to them. How to see things differently to what I've seen them before. Sessions helped me discover how to realise my self worth and how to keep building it every day despite of the better or worse day. Now I have life knowledge how to progress and do it with positive approach, how to like myself and deal with bad days. It's like going to the doctor who not only listen but give you special pill to slowly see world differently and positively. Each session brings something new and teaches you lots about yourself and others, how things react to each other, how are they linked and what to do to better yourself in whatever you tackle in your life. It's your time nobody else will give you, your time to discuss your problems and find the way to change them."

"I had previously undergone therapy with a different therapist and so I had an idea what to expect, but actually  finding a therapist isn't a "one size fits all" set up.  I am still using the techniques that Stephen taught me today.  I wish I had seen him first. I found therapy very useful, learning how to cope with anxiety isn't easy  but with guidance from Stephen I am a lot more confident in situations I would avoid before. The combination of therapy and medication have allowed me to do a complete 180 in my life. Medication alone isn't enough,; I needed this
therapy to understand what's going on in my head and how to stop it from becoming a bigger problem. I would say this has had a profound impact on my life. I  think everyone could benefit from some form of therapy and Stephen is really good at what he does. I would encourage anyone who is having any behavioural or mental health issue to contact him and just give it a try. I just wish I had this available to me years ago. It's been a while since the sessions ended and I am doing great, I have found a level of peace in my life."

"I found therapy a really valuable experience – and I quickly found myself on a journey that I looked forward to progressing. It wasn’t always easy in terms of the content that was discussed, but that to a certain extent was the point. However Stephen was able to make me understand myself better – and I found that I was quickly able to build a relationship that was trusted, and I valued enabling me to be very open about the subject matter I wanted to address, my fears and my experiences. Stephen has a good sense of humour and there was always laughter in the sessions. I also really felt that Stephen understood my behaviour and life circumstances very easily. The urges to indulge in certain behaviour are lessened – but more importantly I understand what causes them and how to kick them into touch when they start to tempt me ."

Therapy Testimonials

"Stephen is unlike any trainer we have ever had! He has knowledge, humour and a real sense of performance about his sessions. Hire him and you'll get a satisfied and interested audience!"  Leading Global Employee Assistance Provider


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