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  • Stephen G. Thomas

Discovery, not Recovery.

I am often asked why I find the word 'recovery' so problematic when it comes to addictions and behavioural change. Well, it may just be a matter of semantics but in my eyes 'recovery' always implies a desire to go backwards. A desire to 'go back to how it was before the problems started'. Not only does this limit what therapy can achieve, it also limits what we're capable of achieving as we move forward in life.

Therapy is a great opportunity to confront any problems we may have and make a fresh start. It can also be a fascinating venue of self-discovery, and a place to use that learning to make strategies for a better future. Therapy is not about fixing what is wrong; it is about making what we already have work better for ourselves. In this sense, I believe with real passion that therapy should offer the potential for 'discovery' not 'recovery'.

By learning and evolving and facing forwards, we move towards a better version of ourselves; definitely a better option than rewinding the tape to repeat our previous mistakes.

Get in touch today to find out how therapy can help you discover and reach your potential.

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