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  • Stephen G. Thomas

The Playlist For Change #6: Idles 'Mr. Motivator'

This month's addition to The Playlist For Change has been chosen by Contributor #6.

I used to be a very confident person, and I felt I was capable of achieving anything I put my mind to. Over the years as I got older, had more setbacks, and started to like myself less and less, that side of me ebbed away. When I did try to get it back I associated inner strength with cocky, arrogant people rather than the self-assured, quiet confidence I favoured. Trying new things and taking myself out of my comfort zone has helped rebuild my confidence and stumbling across this song gave me a lift at just the right time. Sometimes I need to put my arm around my own shoulder, be kind and nurture myself, but there are other times when I need to give myself a kick up the backside so that I can dig deep and get things done. That side of me has returned and this song makes me feel like I can do anything again, like Joe Calzaghe!

The Playlist For Change playlist is available on Spotify via the following link. Please add the playlist to your favourites and together we'll build a great resource for change.

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