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  • Stephen G. Thomas

The Playlist For Change #4: Elbow 'One Day Like This'

This month's addition to The Playlist For Change has been chosen by Contributor #4.

'I’ve always struggled to conform to expectations set by others of me, I used to try, and not surprisingly it led to conflict. Like everyone I can dwell on the negative moments and struggle to move on. Yes, it’s about love, it’s also about so much more. We can remove the conventions and conformity that seemingly rule us all, preventing us from being ourselves and embracing our best life. We don’t need to go through the motions, or live to the standards and expectations others often decide for us. This is a song that can take me from the bleakest moments of regret and self doubt to the brightness of a single day. So go fling your curtains wide!'

The Playlist For Change playlist is available on Spotify via the following link. Please add the playlist to your favourites and together we'll build a great resource for change.

To book in or make a referral, visit my website at and make change happen today.

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