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  • Stephen G. Thomas

The Playlist For Change: #2 Israel Kamakawiwoʻole 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

This month's addition to The Playlist For Change has been chosen by Contributor #2.

'I’ve always loved 'The Wizard of Oz'. As a kid, I was obsessed. And I’ve always loved 'Over The Rainbow.' When I was younger, it felt like quite a sad song; wanting to be someone else, or somewhere else. Which I did. Over the years, there have been lots of versions, and I think I love them all. But this one is definitely my very favourite. Now I’m older, I hear this as a happy song, and I think this reflects who I am now. I’m very happy with the person I’ve become and the place I’ve reached in my life. Mostly, when I hear this song, I feel very happy, and very proud, and that makes me a bit tearful. But with happy tears.'

The Playlist For Change playlist is available on Spotify via the following link. Please add the playlist to your favourites and together we'll build a great resource for change.

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