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  • Stephen G. Thomas

The Playlist For Change #3: P!nk 'F*ckin' Perfect'.

This month's addition to The Playlist For Change has been chosen by Contributor #3.

'I was going through a difficult time after my divorce and I found this song at just the right time to help me. I used to listen to it on loop and sing the chorus to myself until I believed it! It was nice to know I wasn't on my own in feeling like I did, and having a mantra I could sing to myself definitely helped. I haven't listened to (the song) in a long time, because it belongs to a difficult point in my past. But it definitely helped me through, and I'd like to recommend it to others who might need it.'

The Playlist For Change playlist is available on Spotify via the following link. Please add the playlist to your favourites and together we'll build a great resource for change.

To book in or make a referral, visit my website at and make change happen today.

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